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The Washington Post's lead Sunday article was about a friend and a key ally of mine in the successful effort to head off the Smack Dealers Windfall Bill, a/k/a the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, which went down in the last Congress without so much as getting to the floor in either chamber.

Steve Cook was at the time President of the National Association of Assistant United States Attorneys (NAAUSA).  That organization was the main whistleblower on the Obama Administration's efforts to cut sentencing for dealers in hard drugs  --  to cut sentencing notwithstanding the appalling recidivism rate such traffickers are known to have.

Steve and I were on the same side as then-Senator, now Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who is the real hero in this fight.  I'm happy to say the news for drug pushers will only be getting worse.
The President, the Attorney General, and a great deal of the political establishment in Washington vocally back legislation to provide mass, and retroactive, sentencing reduction for federal felons.  Drug traffickers lead the list of intended beneficiaries. The establishment politicians call their proposed reductions sentencing "reform," in a somewhat half-hearted attempt to disguise what they're actually up to.  

It's simply beyond sensible argument that such "reform" would mean more crime faster, the federal recidivism rate being at about 50%.  "Reformers" like to fuzz over this fact, but the numbers don't lie.  "Reformers" think that paying the price in increased crime (which they either deny, minimize or garble) is worth it because America has just gone overboard with incarceration, or should adopt a medical model of crime, or is a racist pigsty, or some mix of the three.  Some also believe, or say they believe, that prison costs too much, although none has yet taken my bet the the DOJ budget will increase whether this legislation passes or not.  At some level, they know that "reform" will not save the taxpayers a single dime; the money will just get spent on different DOJ projects.

Career Assistant US Attorneys  --  the non-political, line prosecutors who have to deal with reality rather than indulge Al Sharpton's ideological fantasies  --  are sounding the alarm.  It take guts to do so.  No one wants to be on the outs with the boss, particularly when the boss is the Attorney General.

No AUSA has been more outspoken, or more courageous, than the head of the National Association of Assistant US Attorneys, Steve Cook.  Although I have never met Steve, I am proud to have corresponded with him and to have benefited often from his knowledge.

Congressional Quarterly (link regrettably unavailable) has taken grudging note of Steve's courage and impact.  I reproduce its April 4 article about him after the break.

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