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A Stay in the Broom Case

Stephen Majors reports for AP, "A federal judge on Friday temporarily halted an unprecedented second attempt at lethal injection of an Ohio inmate who said his execution attempt this week was marred by painful needle sticks into his bone and muscles."

That's not a surprise, but the Ohio AG is going to get the stay lifted, by the Supreme Court if necessary, right? No! They actually consented to it!  "Attorneys for the state consented to the request for a delay from Broom's attorneys, who will argue that the pain Broom experienced during the aborted attempt violates a constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment."

And what is this horrible torture? "Broom told his attorneys he was pricked as many as 18 times Tuesday as prison staff tried to find a suitable vein."

Poor baby! He suffered 18 pinpricks! Remember what this guy did. "Broom was convicted in the 1984 rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl after abducting her at knifepoint while she was walking home from a football game with friends." Instead of calling the pinpricks the preposterous basis for further delay that it is, the Ohio AG consents?! What are they smoking?

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