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ACORN Lawsuit

Here, if anyone needs it, is further proof that in America that are no limits to lawsuits. ACORN, it was widely reported, fired the employees on the infamous video where they give advice on, among other things, how to claim underage Salvadoran sex slaves* as dependents on a tax return. See the Jon Stewart version here.

Well, apparently ACORN and the former employees have patched things up enough to be coplaintiffs on a lawsuit against the videographers for making the tape, allegedly in violation of ยงยง 10-402(a) and 10-410 of the Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings Code.

22. As a direct and proximate result of the actions of defendants, Ms. Thompson and Ms. Williams have lost their employment and have suffered extreme emotional distress with attendant physical symptoms and injury to their reputation.

23. As a direct and proximate result of the actions of defendants, ACORN has suffered injury to its reputation.

And if the children had been real, Ms. Thompson and Ms. Williams, how much distress do you think they would have suffered?

Has it occurred to any of the plaintiffs that their distress and loss of reputation is the direct and proximate result of their own actions?

While ACORN can try to blame the actions recorded on the tape as those of rogue, subsequently fired employees, the lawsuit is another matter. Obviously, the filing of this suit was authorized by management. And management is not so outraged by the actions of the former employees that they will not remain associated with them as coplaintiffs in the suit, probably paying for their joint representation. This suit will likely make ACORN even more toxic than it already is to elected officials and potential donors.

James Taranto comments at the WSJ.

* The faux pimp described them as "very young," strongly implying they were too young to be engaged in such activities on a genuinely voluntary basis.  Ms. Thompson did not ask about their status and was obviously untroubled by the situation.

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