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Chatigny Confirmation Hearing

To follow up on Bill's post, David Ingram has this post at BLT on the Chatigny confirmation hearing and the Michael Ross case.


Besides the obvious bullying (query: did Chatigny ever apologize to the lawyer?), there is another problem. A federal judge who thinks that sexual sadism renders a state law murder conviction erroneous (he said that Ross, a killer of eight, "should never have been convicted") and who thinks a serial killer is the victim of an injustice because the serial killer is a sexual sadist simply does not understand his role in our federal system. Chatigny's ideology led him to botch a basic legal issue, namely that sexual sadism is not a defense to murder. This renders him unfit to be a judge.

Obama ought to be ashamed of himself for nominating this rogue judge to the Second Circuit.

Please see web site www.unitedstatesproselaw dot com which clearly shows and exposes Judge Chatigny facilitating the usurpation of Civil Rights and facilitation of a Department of Justice Press Shield.
Gary Wall

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