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Deporting Witnesses

Tomorrow, the California Supreme Court will release its decision in People v. Jacinto, S164011: "Was defendant denied his constitutional rights to compulsory process and due process when the sheriff's department released a subpoenaed defense witness to federal immigration authorities for deportation prior to defendant's trial?"

The court will also announce a decision in the capital case of Scott Forrest Collins. The judgment was entered December 19, 1996.


Dusting off the cobwebs, Collins is the case where the judge refused to follow the jury's recommendation and instead sentenced him to lwop. The DA appealed and won.

Looking at the docket, the Court took almost 4 years to issue an opinion.

Cobwebs indeed. In Collins, the trial judge granted a defense motion for a new penalty trial and the DAs appealed and won. Still not bad considering it was 18 years ago and an unpublished case.

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