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Liu Out of Committee

Perry Bacon reports in the WaPo that the nomination of Goodwin Liu to the Notorious Ninth was voted out of committee on a 12-7 party-line vote.

This nomination should be the test case on judicial nomination filibusters. Are Republicans going to unilaterally disarm and never filibuster nominees regardless of how extreme their views, while Democrats can and do filibuster more moderate nominees when Republicans have the White House?

To reiterate, Liu attacked Alito's nomination specifically on the issue of the death penalty, even though Alito actually had a moderate record and voted for the defendant in 40% of the cases. My analysis of the cases is here. From Liu's paper, it is evident that he thinks at least 90% of the cases should have been overturned. He is the one who is far out of the mainstream, further than anyone President Bush nominated.


I agree 100%. The idea that the Senate would reject a Miguel Estrada and accept a Goodwin Liu is staggering. Liu is a left-wing extremist by any definition. Given his slippery testimony and the amount of material he withheld from the Committee, he would appear not to be all that honest either.

Liu meets the "extraordinary circumstances" test of the famous Gang of Fourteen. There is no excuse for failing to fillibuster this man.

12-7 party-line vote? Does that mean all democrats are now extreme leftists?

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