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The Supreme Court's ex parte research in Graham

In Graham v. Florida, the Supreme Court was not satisfied with the information provided by the parties regarding how many persons are in prison around the country for life-without-parole sentences imposed for nonhomicide crimes. "Florida further criticizes this study because the authors were unable to obtain complete information on some States and because the study was not peer reviewed. See Brief for Respondent 40. The State does not, however, provide any data of its own. Although in the first instance it is for the litigants to provide data to aid the Court, we have been able to supplement the study's findings."

The supplemental information is letters from correctional authorities in response to requests from the Court's librarians. In the opinion, they are designated "available in Clerk of Court's case file." Well, they really should be on the Internet. The Clerk has graciously provided them to CJLF, and here they are.

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