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Homebuyer Tax Credit for Inmates:  As noted in Steve Erickson's post earlier today, over the past year our government gave about $9 million of your money in the form of homebuyer tax credits to 1,295 prison inmates, including 241 who are serving life terms.  AP writer Stephen Ohlemacher reports that an Inspector General at the Treasury Department found that roughly 14,100 people fraudulently took $27.7 million in tax credits as first-time homebuyers, in one case 67 people took the credit for supposedly buying the same home.  None of the inmates took the credit on a joint return, eliminating the chance that a spouse actually did purchase a home. 

Innocence Hearing in Davis Case:  The U.S. District Court in Savannah heard argument and reviewed evidence today from attorneys representing condemned cop-killer Troy Anthony Davis.  Last August the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the lower court to hear Davis' claims that he did not murder Savannah police officer Mark Allen MacPhail in a Burger King parking lot 29 years ago.  A story by Bill Rankin in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that for the hearing the high court required that the evidence presented  "clearly establish" Davis' innocence.  In his dissent to the order, joined by Justice Thomas, Justice Scalia called the hearing a "fools errand" because Davis' innocence claim is "a sure loser."  Anti-death penalty groups have been holding vigils in Savannah and Atlanta in support of Davis.  For the record, Officer MacPhail, the 27-year-old father of two, was off duty when he heard cries from a homeless man being pistol whipped in a Burger King parking lot.  As MacPhail ran to the victim's aid, he was shot three times by a man identified by witnesses and other evidence as Davis.

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Reviewing the testimony of the witnesses today, i see nothing that would clearly establish his innocence. Most of it is simply a wash.

However, bloody shorts found in the washer of Davis' home when the police were searching it were suppressed by the trial court. They've been DNA tested and Moore is allowing it all in.

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