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News Scan

Burns Executed:  After a brief delay as the U.S. Supreme Court considered and denied review of his request for a stay, Mississippi executed Joseph Burns, as reported in this AP story. As reported earlier, Burns murdered Floyd Melvin McBride while robbing the Town House Motel he managed in Tupelo.

DNA May Crack Cold Case:  A DNA sample taken from cigarette butt found in a bar 36 years ago has implicated a 73-year-old convicted murderer, serving a life sentence in Colorado, in the 1974 murder of a Napa woman.  Anita Andrews was found stabbed to death and robbed in a bar she co-owned with her sister.  A story by Alisha Wyman of the Napa Valley Register reports that witnesses saw a stranger in the bar, who was alone with the victim when the bar closed.  The DNA match placed Allen Mclanson in the bar on the night of the murder.  Last January, a witness who was in the bar on the night of the murder identified Mclanson as the stranger from a photo lineup. Mclanson, who was convicted of another killing two months after Andrews' death, denies being in Napa or meeting the victim.  Mclanson has been charged with the murder and the District Attorney is seeking extradition.   

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