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Of Post and Panthers

WaPo ombudsman Andrew Alexander has this story on the curious incident of the WaPo's nonbarking on the controversy over DoJ's dropping of most charges in the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case. (Prior posts here, here, and here.) Todd Zywicki at VC opines that the WaPo's "explanation won't wash."


In order to figure out whether the WaPo explanation washes, all you need to do is ask yourself this: If it had been two white men in Klan robes standing in front of a predominantly black polling place in Philadelphia, Mississippi -- complete with billy club -- and the Bush Justice Department had found nothing to take to a grand jury, leading to the resignation in disgust of one career attorney and the re-assignment of another, do you think the WaPo would have found itself just too strapped for "resources" to do a story?

Bill framed the issue beautifully--leading inexorably and indisputadly to a sad conclusion. The Holder Justice department, aided and abetted by the liberal cognoscenti, will continue keep their thumb on the scales of justice as it relates to the equal enforcement of voting rights in America.

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