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Geography Quiz


Q:  What country is the new Workers Paradise of the Western Hemisphere, embodying compassionate socialist values?

A:  Venezuela, courtesy of Hugo Chavez.

Q:  What country was proudly the first to abolish the death penalty?

A:  Venezuela (1863, in its Constitution).

Q:  What country has the highest murder rate for any large nation in the world?

A:  You got it  --  Venezuela.

I'm no fan of these international "studies" relentlessly tossed out to show that the United States has a murder rate higher than countries (mostly in Western Europe) without capital punishment.  But since they're all the rage with the DPIC and similar outfits, I thought I would join the fun by noting this story from the New York Times:  "Venezuela, More Deadly Than Iraq, Wonders Why."

Yes, why indeed.  You will not be surprised to hear that, among the numerous reasons the Times suggests, the absence of capital punishment nowhere appears.  Indeed the story omits this fact altogether.

This gem, however does appear, concerning the efforts of the National Police to "respect human rights."  The Times quotes a high police official remarking, "I'm not saying we'll be weak...but the idea is to use dialogue and dissuasion as methods of verbal control when approaching problems."  Gads, this guy must get his stuff from Amnesty International press releases.  I haven't heard as much mush since Eric Holder's last speech.

The whole thing, here  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/23/world/americas/23venez.html, is an eye-opener.  Bear it in mind the next time an abolitionist starts in on you with "the murder rate in the United States....." 




I should add that there are four considerably smaller countries that have higher murder rates: El Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica and Guatemala.

Dialogue and dissuasion as police tactics?

You know things are bad when the local human rights group complain that "police efforts are far too timid."

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