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Stay Denial[s] from the High Court

On the Supreme Court's website is this order denying a stay of execution for Cal Brown. Prior post here.

Still waiting on Holly Wood, scheduled to be executed by Alabama at 6:00 p.m. CDT today. CJLF's press release following the Supreme Court decision has more information on the case.  This shouldn't be a hard one, given that the Court is already familiar with his case and just last January affirmed by a 7-2 vote.

Update: The order denying stay is here.  "Justice Sotomayor would grant the application for stay of execution."  That's a bit odd.  She wrote the opinion shooting down his claims.  No indication that Justice Kagan was recused or dissented. 

The execution proceeded as scheduled.  AP report is here.

Meanwhile, back in the Northwest, Brown is claiming that if he stops taking a drug prescribed to him for a "mood disorder" he will become incompetent to be executed.  Stay tuned.


Looks like Cal Coburn Brown is dead meat come midnight. The "incompetence" argument met with no success. The drug this piece of human waste is going to receive will cure his "mood disorder" for all eternity.

Final justice was carried out. Brown, of course, maintained that his execution was an injustice because he only killed one victim. I guess his attorneys never clued him in that was a debating point to sucker useful idiots.

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