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Here is another case from the Cases You Have to Look Up Just for the Name file. (The file is getting thick.)

I'm not a big fan of including the defendant's alias in the official case name. Nonetheless, both prosecutors and defense lawyers do it. Case 10-7012 in the United States Supreme Court (a defendant's certiorari petition) is titled Stephen M. Levy, aka Reallybad@aol.com, aka Steve Levy v. United States.

So how bad is Reallybad?
From the Second Circuit's unpublished opinion, 09-2965:

Levy's argument merits little discussion in light of the compelling evidence against him, including - but not limited to - his own admissions. In an online chat with an NYPD detective posing as a pedophile, Levy detailed how, on the night of June 9, when the mother of a five-year-old child "passed out" from wine coolers that Levy had purchased "to get [her] drunk," Levy was left alone with the victim. June 11, 2007 Chat Tr. at 9. Levy then boasted as to how he molested the child and photographed these actions. Levy expressed annoyance at not being able to perform all the actions he wanted to photograph: he explained that he had only limited time alone with the child before the boyfriend of the mother returned downstairs and, therefore, "took 3 pics really fast." Id. The pictures on the basis of which he was convicted are entirely consistent with his account of what he did and with what such photographs would look like.

Yep, that's reallybad.

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I too am not a fan of using an alias in an indictment. They are often entertaining, however.

One curious jurist got more than he bargained for at the colloquy of a female defendant in a large drug conspiracy

He naively asked the girlfriend of a married drug kingpin what her alias "side piece" referred to. She proudly pronounced that she took some drug-related phone calls but her primary role was to provide sexual favors for the kingpin.

The red-faced jurist quickly accepted the plea and hightailed it from the bench.

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