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Stacy Kuykendall press conference

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From the Corsicana Daily Sun:

Corsicana -- The  Associated Press is reporting that Stacy Kuykendall, former wife of Cameron Todd Willingham, will hold a press conference today before an Austin judge is scheduled to begin a hearing on whether or not Cameron Willingham was wrongly executed for the deaths of his three daughters in a 1991 fire ruled as arson.

Judge Charlie Baird is scheduled to begin the hearing at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Austin, at the request of the Willingham family.

Navarro County District Attorney Lowell Thompson filed a motion Monday asking that Baird recuse himself from the case due to his involvement in a prior appeal, and the judge's connections with an anti-death penalty organization.

Stacy Kuykendall's press conference is scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday.

That is a few minutes after the writing of this post.

Update (noon Austin time): Jeff Carlton reports on the press conference for AP:

Stacy Kuykendall read a prepared statement to reporters outside the Travis County courthouse. She told reporters that Cameron Todd Willingham set the fire that killed the girls "and watched while their tiny bodies burned."

*                             *                            *

"My ex-husband murdered my daughters, and just before he was executed, he told me he did it," Kuykendall said.

Kuykendall voice began quavering early in her statement, as she noted her oldest daughter would be 21 and her twins would be 19. "I think about my girls every day and I miss them," she said.

Update 2: Steven Kreytak continues his coverage in the AA-S.

Update 3:  The text of Ms. Kuykendall's statement, courtesy of Johnny Sutton, her attorney, follows the jump.

My name is Stacy Kuykendall and I was married to Todd Willingham.

Time and time again, I have been asked to speak to the public about the murder of my daughters. 

Amber would be 21 years old today and the twins, Karmon and Kameron, would be 19.

I am here today to stand up one last time on behalf of my daughters.  After today, I hope that you will leave me in peace and let me deal with my grief the best that I can. 

I think about my girls everyday and I miss them. 

My ex-husband murdered my daughters, and just before he was executed, he told me he did it - he stood and watched while their tiny bodies burned. 

I am here to make sure that my girls' voices are heard: Todd murdered Amber, Karmon and Kameron. He burned them, he admitted he burned them to me, and he was executed for his crime.

That's the closest to justice that my daughters will ever get.

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If she is willing to say that under oath, even Baird is going to have a hard time finding in favor of the killer.

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