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Willingham Hearing Today

The notorious Judge Baird reconvenes the Willingham matter today at 1:00 1:30 p.m. CDT.  Morgan Smith has this article in the Texas Tribune.

Update: Baird proceeding with illegal hearing

Judge Baird is apparently proceeding with his court of inquiry in clear violation of Texas law.  Steven Kreytak has this update for the Austin American-Statesman at 1:44 CDT:

State District Judge Charlie Baird ruled today that the Navarro County District Attorney R. Lowell Thompson did not have standing to seek Baird's recusal in an inquiry into whether Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in 2004.

Baird said that Thompson is not a party to the lawsuit, in which Williingham's surviving relatives are seeking a declaration that he was wrongfully convicted of arson murder in the 1991 deaths of his three young daughters.

As he left the court Thompson said he was heading to Austin's 3rd Court of Appeals to seek a writ of mandamus to stop Baird from conducting the hearing.

Meanwhile, inside Baird's court, Willingham family lawyer Gerald Goldstein gave an opening statement summarizing the case. Witnesses are expected to follow.

There is no doubt that mandamus is proper. How fast can and will the Court of Appeals act?

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