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Another Close Race Update

I sure didn't expect to be blogging about election results 12 days after the election.

Arizona's medical marijuana initiative has apparently been approved, AP reports. "Proposition 203 won by a tiny margin of just 4,341 votes out of more than 1.67 million votes counted."  All ballots are now counted, but the count is unofficial.

In Washington, Rachel La Corte reports for AP that Supreme Court Justice Richard "The Heckler" Sanders has "all but conceded."

And in the California Attorney General race, Kamala Harris now has a 14,143 vote lead in an 8 million vote race as of Saturday morning.  The unprocessed ballot report showed almost 900,000 remaining as of Friday evening.  This race is well within what John Fund calls the "margin of litigation."  The LA Times has this "keep it civil" editorial.  I agree, for the most part,* with the editorial.  It has been mostly civil so far, and it should remain that way.  Civility does not mean rolling over, though.  There is too much at stake here.

* The LA Times just can't resist showing its skewed view of the world with this statement: "The dignified exits of defeated candidates past -- of John Glenn or Gerald Ford or Adlai Stevenson -- seem consigned to history along with Republican moderates."  Huh?  The decline in moderation is exclusively a Republican phenomenon?  Um, did you happen to notice who the House Democrats chose to be their leader a few years back, LA Times?  In addition, there are plenty of "dignified exits" among candidates who clearly lost the election, but a candidate who might have actually won should not exit, dignified or undignified, until the count has been thoroughly examined.


How on earth could Harris win? Even in SF the lefty papers and the PD had serious concerns about how she ran her office.

In a state that can elect Gavin Newsom lieutenant governor, anything is possible.

Well.I agree with Kent Scheidegger.Anything is possible.

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