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Cal. Prison Argument: More Time, No More Lawyers

On November 30, the Supreme Court will hear argument in Schwarzenegger v. Plata.  In that case, the Criminals' Dream Team of Judges Reinhardt, Henderson, and Karlton ordered California to downsize its prisons by between 38,000 and 46,000 inmates.  But don't worry, the "experts" testified and the Dream Team found that this can be done without increasing crime rates, just like the "experts" assured America back in the 1960s that enacting the Great Society would reduce crime by addressing the "root causes."  Remember how well that turned out?

In today's orders list, the Supreme Court denied the prisoners' motion for divided argument.  However, the Court did add an additional 10 minutes of argument time for each side.

CJLF's brief in the case is here.  We ask the Court to not only reverse the order, but also to send the Dream Team to the showers.

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