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Full-body scanners at courthouses?

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Now some courthouses are getting the full-body scanners that are so controversial at airports, reports P. Solomon Banda for AP.

There are two important differences between courthouses and airports relevant here.  First, courthouses aren't nearly as vulnerable as airplanes.  No one is going to kill thousands of people by bringing a box cutter knife into a courthouse.

Second, people can choose not to fly.  You can't choose not to enter the courthouse.  If you are summoned as a juror or witness, you have to go.  If you are a litigant, you don't have a practical alternative.  (Defaulting on a $1M complaint is an alternative, but not a practical one.)

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Once the idea of "get-your-hands-everywhere-on-everyone" airport searches takes hold, it's only a matter of time before it spreads. And once the idea of mass electronic scanning takes hold, the hands-on searches won't be far behind. Thus this news from the courthouse is no surprise. The only question is what's next.

Airport security is essential; it's no exaggeration to say that lives depend on it. It is for precisely that reason that it's a danger, and not just a scandal, to divert our resources feeling up eight year-old's.

The administration that wants these in-your-underpants searches of children is the same administration that wants Miranda rights for ACTUAL terrorists and civilian trials for military combantants (the last of which ended up in a 99.65% failure -- a catastrophe the administration laughs off).

Given the utter non-seriousness of the administration's attitude toward proven threats and actual terrorists, it is impossible to take seriously the idea that its new, wildly unfocused, invasive procedure at airports is really about security. What it's about, as I argued in my entry on this subject, is turning us into a cowed and humble citizenry ready to accept the dictates of Dear Leader.

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