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News Scan

Life Sentence in New Hampshire Machete Murder:  A New Hampshire judge today sentenced 19-year-old Steven Spader to life in prison, reports The Nashua Telegraph (NH).  After only two hours of deliberating, a jury convicted Spader earlier today of first-degree murder and several other felonies.  New Hampshire Union Leader writer Kathryn Marchocki reports that on an early 2009 morning, Spader and a co-conspirator broke into the home of Kimberly Cates, brutally killed the 42 year-old nurse with a machete, and seriously injured her 11-year-old daughter Jaime.  Jaime survived the attack by pretending to be dead.  While handing down the life sentence, presiding Judge Gillian L. Abramson addressed Spader:  "I could go on for days and days about the depth of your depravity.  Suffice it to say you belong in a cage."

Another 120 Years for Tennessee Mass Murderer:  Lawrence Buser of the The Commercial Appeal (TN) reports a Tennessee judge today handed down an additional 120-year sentence to Jessie Dotson, convicted and sentenced to death for the 2008 murders of six people.  (See previous post here.)  The additional years added today were for Dotson's convictions for attempted murder of three of his nieces and nephews, ages two months, five years, and nine years, whom be tried to kill using boards and knives.

Child Predator Sentenced for Fourth Sexual Conviction:  A New Jersey child predator was sentenced yesterday to 25 years in federal prison after receiving his fourth conviction since 2002 involving the sexual abuse of young children.  John Desper's criminal history includes convictions in 2003 for possession of child pornography and solicitation of a minor, as well as a 2007 conviction for sending letters to a woman suggesting she prepare children in her care for sexual activity upon his release from prison.  Five months after his release, Desper made plans with another woman to photograph her undressed daughters for money - this time finding himself in an undercover sting with a Pennsylvania detective.  John Barna of the Gloucester County Times has this story.

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