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News Scan

Child Molester Arrested Hour After Release:  Andrew Dalton of the AP reports on the arrest of Lawrence Brown, picked up an hour after being released from a California prison, where he served roughly half of a 49-year sentence for the kidnap and rape of two young girls in 1983.  Prior to Brown's release, the Orange County District Attorney's Office sought to have him civilly committed as a Sexually Violent Predator, but were unable to do so because the Department of Mental Health failed to submit the required paperwork.  After local officials warned the public of his upcoming release, a woman came forward claiming she recognized Brown as the man who raped her as a child in the late 1970s.  Brown was released, but rearrested almost immediately for violating conditions of his parole. 

Federal Judge to Plead Guilty to Some Charges:  U.S. District Judge Jack Camp is scheduled to plead guilty tomorrow to some charges, reports Greg Bluestein of the AP.  Camp faces gun and drug charges after was arrested last month for attempting to buy cocaine in a sting involving a stripper and an undercover police officer.  (See previous post here.)  Two firearms were also found in Camp's vehicle.

Massachusetts High Court Reverses Two Murder Convictions Today:  The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts today reversed murder convictions in two separate cases, reports The Boston Globe.  In one case, the court reversed the second-degree murder conviction of Margaret Earle for the death of her 21-month-old daughter, who died from blunt force trauma to her abdomen and likely suffered excruciating pain over a period of several hours, finding Earle's failure to seek immediate medical attention for the toddler was insufficient to support a murder verdict.  The court also reversed the first-degree murder conviction of Jerome McNulty, accused of stabbing to death his girlfriend, after finding his confession inadmissible under state law because the police waited too long (14 minutes) to tell him his attorney was trying to contact him. 

Governor Strickland to Review 1,200 Clemency Requests: Ohio Governor Ted Strickland said he hopes to make decisions on the 1,200 applications for clemency already submitted for his consideration before leaving office in January.  During his term as governor, Strickland has commuted the sentences of five death row inmates (including one earlier this week, noted here, and others noted here and here), and presided over 17 carried out executions (noted by Doug Berman of SL&P here).  Laura Bischoff of the Dayton Daily News has this story.

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