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News Scan

New California Parole Teams Apprehend More that 250 Sex Offenders:  More than 250 paroled sex offenders were captured throughout California this week by recently formed parole teams specifically designed to target sex offenders.  The teams were established in part as a response to agents' failed attempt to monitor paroled sex offender Phillip Garrido, who held Jaycee Dugard captive in his backyard for 18 years.  By assigning fewer parolees to supervising agents on the teams, more focus can be directed on those parolees who have violated their conditions.  "We're going to look over the fences.  We don't want another Garrido," said Greg Shuman, supervisor of a Sacramento-based California Parole Apprehension Team.  "It's no tolerance.  Anything, any violation, they're going to jail."  Don Thompson of the AP has this story.

Appeals Court Allows Homeless Sex Offender to Not Register:  A Wisconsin appellate court yesterday tossed the conviction of 58-year-old William Dinkins, Sr. for failure to provide the Department of Corrections with the address at which he would "be residing" once released from custody.  A convicted child molester subject to sex offender registration requirements, Dinkins claimed he was unable to comply with the state law requiring information of his planned address because he had nowhere to live upon his release.  The court agreed: "Because it is undisputed that Dinkins lacked an address at which he could have reasonably predicted he would have been able to 'reside,' ... he could not be convicted for failing to comply."  The state argued such a ruling will allow other soon-to-be-released sex offenders to evade the law, and may appeal to the state supreme court.   Read the Pierce County Herald's article here.

Ghailani's Acquittals on Holder's Hands:  The Wall Street Journal has this editorial on Ahmed Ghailani's 284 acquittals, opining the "blunder" to be Eric Holder's "wholly political" decision to try the terrorist in civilian court.  The piece points out the irony, also noted by presiding Judge Kaplan, that despite extension of the American justice system and constitutional rights to this case, Ghailani's status as an enemy combatant likely permits his indefinite detainment.

Death Penalty to Be Sought in Kansas Teen's Killing:  The AP reports prosecutors will seek the death penalty in the case against Adam Longoria, accused of sodomizing and murdering 14-year-old Alica Debolt in August.  The teen's body was found bound in duct tape and burned so badly that dental records were needed for identification.  At a pretrial hearing, text messages between Longoria and the victim were presented regarding a party they were to attend the night of the killing, as was testimony from Longoria's live-in girlfriend that he came home with stained pants and smelling of gasoline.  A final text message from Longoria to Debolt that night read: "There isnt going 2 b a party never mind."

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