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Dr. Petit on Oprah's Show


Our friend Dudley Sharp tells me that Dr. William Petit, whose family was slaughtered in a case that by itself justifies retaining the death penalty, will be on the Oprah Winfrey show today:

In hours of terror, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Dr. Petit's wife, was raped and strangled. Their two daughters, 17-year-old  Haley and 11-year-old Michaela were also murdered.. Michaela was sexually assaulted. Both girls were burned alive and died of smoke inhalation. 
Dr. Petit was beaten with a baseball bat, suffers permanent injuries, but survived. He is the sole survivor from his immediate family.
Here is Dr. Petit's victim impact statement from the first trial, wherein Steven Hayes was given the death penalty.

I have never before watched Oprah Winfrey, as I am opposed to the sentimentalization of everything.  But maybe I should make an exception today.


"Our friend Dudley Sharp tells me that Dr. William Petit, whose family was slaughtered in a case that by itself justifies retaining the death penalty..."

A case that by itself justifies the death penalty?

Weak. Very weak.

Infelicitous comments like this expose the pro-death penalty advocates' lack of moral and intellectual sophistication.

Steven Hayes will never see the inside of an execution chamber. The death penalty is not justice. It is stupid.

Revealing comments like this expose anti-death penalty advocates' lack of empathy for the victims of this (or any) horrendous murder (which, characteristically, you refuse to discuss. Now why is that?).

Please lend me your crystal ball in which you have seen that Hayes will never get to the inside of a death chamber. I could use it, not just to predict the execution dates of the killers you swoon over, but -- even more usefully -- what the market will do next year. In Obama's economy, I need to improve my investing.


Pro-death penalty advocates are in no position to give lectures on empathizing with victims' families.

They use the "victims' rights" mantra as emotional blackmail to cloak their moral failings and convey a duplicitous sense of moral superiority.

There are a plethora of anti-death penalty murder victims' families who have gone through similar kinds of experiences that Dr. Petit went through. They are tired of the United States endorsing state-sponsored killings in their name.

As for using crystal balls, Connecticut is about to abolish the death penalty for all crimes. But even if this new law is not applied retroactively, Hayes will probably not be executed.

Given that state's poor track record on executions, it can be established with a fair degree of certainty that Steven Hayes will never see the death penalty.

Obama is to reckless spending what pro-death penalty advocates are to reckless law enforcement.

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