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Eric Holder, Working for Us All...


.......on soccer.  And no, that is not a typo.  The Attorney General of the United States took a taxpayer-financed trip to Switzerland to try to bring the World Cup competition to the USA.

As is becoming typical with him, the effort was a flop.  Instead, the competition (for 2022) is headed for Qatar, where women have to walk around in a tent-like wardrobe called a burka and soccer is almost unknown; the favorite sports are falconry and camel racing.

DOJ put out this statement:  "The president asked the attorney general to attend to show the high-level commitment of our government to secure the World Cup and to make clear that the United States has the capacity to host a World Cup that is both secure and welcoming to the people of the world."

Now let's see.  Mr. Holder can't quite figure out what to do about WikiLeaks' spilling diplomatic and military secrets all over the world; we still haven't decided where to try Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed; we're going to continue to give Miranda warnings to terrorists, or maybe not; and drug cartels are mutilating and killing dozens of people within shouting distance of our border; etc., et al.  Still, we need the AG to wage the (losing) fight against holding soccer matches in Qatar.

Your tax dollars at work.



Look at the bright side, while he's off in Switzerland, he cannot do damage here. Exit question--can Switzerland keep Eric "Marc Rich" Holder?

I understand your pique, but soccer is actually very popular in Qatar. That falcon hunting and camel racing is only for the elites who can afford it. As is the case everywhere except the US, soccer is the sport of the masses.


My information came from the National Geographic Daily News website, which says this:

"The venue will be quite unlike any other to host the event, said Don Belt, senior editor for foreign affairs at National Geographic magazine and editor of the National Geographic book The World of Islam. (The Society owns National Geographic magazine and National Geographic News.)

"Qatar (pronounced KUT-ter) is the most traditional and conservative society in the Persian Gulf, except for Saudi Arabia. It's also home to broiling desert temperatures, one major city, and little soccer tradition—many Qataris are more passionate about traditional pastimes such as camel racing and falconry.

"It's a real head-scratcher," Belt said. "I'm sure soccer fans all over the world are wondering about this one." ###

If the people of Qatar play soccer in 115 degrees, which is what the papers are saying is the temperature there, more power to them. Maybe they can get Eric to join them. If so, more power to him too.

His influence in World Cup circles is no better than his credibility as the chief law enforcement officer in the land.

In fact, Eric Holder/chief law enforcement officer is the personification of the term oxymoron.

Sorry, but I have to weigh in in favor of Holder on this one. Hosting the World Cup would have brought hundreds of thousands of tourists to the U.S., and along with them, millions and millions of dollars for the U.S. economy. It is entirely appropriate for U.S. politicians and dignitaries to be involved in such an effort, as it is an opportunity for the host nation to be on the world stage in a unique way.

The fact that the U.S. effort was unsuccessful, moreover, has little to do with the competence of the U.S. delegation, and a lot to do with the unfortunate fact that FIFA is one of the most, if not the most, corrupt organizations in sports. Undoubtedly, the Qatar delegation showed up at the back door of FIFA with enormous bags of cash (which, along with sand and broiling temperatures, is something Qatar has no shortage of).

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