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Especially Heinous

What kind of monster kills someone and then immediately contacts the victim's mother to gloat?  Well, there are two we know of: Albert Greenwood Brown in California and John David Duty in Oklahoma.  The Chickasha Express News has this story on Duty.

Oklahoma is switching to pentobarbital due to the shortage of thiopental.  As expected, DPIC is protesting that this drug has not been used for executions before.  Well someone has to be first.  It's not like you are going to do controlled trials with volunteers.

CNN quotes Richard Dieter: "It's been used on animals and humans in an anesthetic way, not a killing way, but if it doesn't work in that context, we know that the other two drugs are extremely painful, so it's going to be an excruciating process."  But in the three-drug protocol, it only needs to work "in an anesthetic way" in order that it not be "an excruciating process."

Update:  The execution was completed and Duty was pronounced dead at 6:18 Central Time, AP reports.


Dieter's quote is typically annoying. The issue is whether the pentobarbital, as administered, will knock the guy out. No one seriously thinks it won't. So we're left with Dieter's well, if it doesn't work nonsense. Well, it does work. So where's the issue? Dieter's just blowing smoke, and the AP morons quote him anyway.

I am sure that John David Duty died a physically painless death in that execution chamber.

Brownie points for Oklahoma.

Was there a point to this snarky comment? It is virtually certain that Duty died a painless death--is that even at issue?

A murderer was executed. I know that's a big deal to you. In the grand scheme of things, it's not. Duty, while serving a life sentence, murdered a fellow inmate. He finally got what he deserved. Sorry that upsets you so much. Perhaps some self-analysis is order to see why this bothers you so much.

I do not need to engage in any further "self-analysis", federalist.

I have been analyzing the morality of the death penalty for several years. I know all the strongest arguments in favor of it. I know that philosophers like Immanuel Kant supported the death penalty in order to demonstrate how much we as a society respect the sanctity of innocent human life.

But the strongest moral arguments in favor of the death penalty are substantially weaker than the strongest moral arguments against it. Pro-death penalty arguments are by and large a product of moral relativism, and they are displeasing to God.

By the way, I like your alias. I am also a federalist.

I still think the death penalty is an issue that the states should decide upon, and not the federal courts.

To my mind, the Fourteenth Amendment is unconstitutional in light of the illegal manner in which it was ratified.

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