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Learning Nothing from Willie Horton


Fox News has this appalling story of a thoroughly preventable murder.   In the name of ever-sprawling (and mostly fake) "compassion," and because he was a "changed man," a lifelong violent criminal was released on parole through a unanimous vote of the Massachusetts Parole Board.  Less than two years later, he gunned down a police officer in the course of a robbery.  As the story recounts, the paroled killer, Dominic Cinelli:

...had a lengthy rap sheet filled with armed robberies, assaults and other offenses, had been serving three life sentences since 1976, and had chronic disciplinary problems while in prison including two escapes during which he committed crimes, the Globe reported. Still, he won the board over by saying the deaths in the family, including his mother's, and drug counseling changed him.
Yes indeed, counseling wins the day.  Doesn't it ever. What is going on here is not actually the failure to learn from Willie Horton.  It's the refusal to learn. 


What a timely story.

"Abolish the Death Penalty" had just stated last night that it is a "human rights abuse" to keep people in prison for more than 25 years despite their crime.

Dominic Cinelli is one of the people that would have HAD to be released by Abolish's "Europe is great and we need to follow everything they do" philosophy. Instead of a poor choice by a parole board, Abolish's method would have been mandatory.

I propose that the death of the police officer is a far larger "human rights abuse" than keeping a violent and lifelong criminal behind bars.

When people routinely cannot follow the rules on the inside, we should have little confidence that then can do so on the outside.

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