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News Scan

More on Justice Stevens's Essay:  Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby has this piece on Justice Stevens's essay on capital punishment.  In response to Justice Stevens's belief that death sentences are more common when the victim is white, which Stevens likened to a "haunting reminder of once-prevalent Southern lynchings," Jacoby writes: "To imply that there is a whiff of the lynch mob in [Americans'] view may make a good story for the Sunday paper.  It doesn't make a convincing argument."

Convicted Murderer Challenges DNA Sample:  The Missouri Supreme Court heard argument last week in the case of death row inmate Gregory Bowman, reports Beth Hundsdorfer of the Bellville News-Democrat (IL).  In 2002, Bowman volunteered a blood sample to clear his name in the 1978 murders of two young women in Illinois.  Police later sent his DNA profile to a Missouri cold case squad, who were able to link Bowman to the unsolved sexual assault and murder of 17-year-old Velda Joy Rumfelt.  Bowman was convicted and sentenced to death for Rumfelt's murder last year.  Now, Bowman claims the DNA evidence should not have been considered in the Rumfelt case because while he volunteered the sample to the Illinois police, he did not consent to its transmission to other law enforcement agencies.

Video Tape Challenge in Child Uzi Death:  Dave Collins of the AP reports a Massachusetts judge today heard argument over the admissibility of a video in the case against former police Chief Edward Fluery.  The video shows an 8-year-old boy accidentally shooting himself in the head with an Uzi at a gun show, as well as the reactions of both the boy and his father.  Fleury, whose company co-sponsored the gun show, is charged with involuntary manslaughter and furnishing a machine gun to minors.  His attorney argued the tape should not be shown because the fact of the fatal shooting is not in dispute, and the horrific nature of the video is likely to inflame the jury.  The prosecution countered the video is important evidence because it displays the recklessness of those who ran the event.
*Update:  The judge ruled the video can be shown to the jury, as reported by the AP.

ICE Deportation Figures May Be Skewed:  Andrew Becker of the Center for Investigative Reporting has this article on ICE's reported "record number of deportations" this year, which totals 19,000 more than the last fiscal year.  Becker opines creative tactics might be behind this figure, such as a more flexible approach to "voluntary returns" (i.e. allowing illegal immigrants, who normally would face an immigration judge, to leave the country voluntarily) and a five-week extension of a Mexican repatriation program.  ICE officials deny the use of any unusual practices in reaching the number.

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