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Massachusetts High Court Rules on "John Doe" Indictments:  The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts today affirmed the use of "John Doe" indictments to meet the statute of limitations for filing a rape charge.  A "John Doe" indictment identifies the alleged perpetrator primarily by his or her DNA profile, and can be later amended to name a suspect if authorities identify a match to the sample.  Andrew Ryan of The Boston Globe has this story.

Plea in Zoloft Killings Case:  Meg Kinnard of the AP reports Christopher Pittman pleaded guilty today to voluntary manslaughter for the shooting deaths of his grandparents nearly ten years ago.  The case gained notoriety when his defense team attempted (unsuccessfully) to the blame the killings on Pittman's use of the antidepressant drug Zoloft.  A judge this summer reversed Pittman's original murder convictions after finding his attorneys should have pursued a plea bargain.  Under the deal accepted today, Pittman could be released from prison in about 12 years.

Parole Hearing Set for Oregon Mother, Murderer:  A parole hearing is set for tomorrow for Diane Downs, convicted of shooting her three children and killing one in 1984.  Downs was previously denied parole in a 2008, after a hearing in which she maintained her innocence and spouted conspiracy theories.  (Video clips available here.)  Local prosecutor Alex Gardner is urging the parole board to again deny Downs early release, and to defer any further hearings for another decade under a new state law that extended the permitted time between hearings from two years to ten.  Gardner states that since Downs knows she will not be paroled, it is unfair to allow her to use "the parole hearings process as a means of publicizing her latest revelations and conspiracy accusations."  The AP has this story

Father and Son Face Death for Fatal Bank Bombing: 
The lives of a father-son team of bank bombers rests in the hands of an Oregon jury, reports Helen Jung of The Oregonian.  Bruce and Joshua Turnridge, described by witnesses as anti-government extremists, were convicted yesterday of aggravated murder, stemming from a failed bank robbery during which two police officers were killed and another maimed.  The same jury that convicted the Turnridges after only a few hours of deliberation must now decide whether the men should be sentenced to death, LWOP, or life with the possibility of parole after 30 years. 

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