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News Scan

"Parent Accountability Act" Sends Parents to School:  Thomas Watkins of the Associated Press reports on the recent implementation of California's "Parent Accountability Act," the first state law allowing judges to order parents of gang members to attend parenting classes.  The law went into effect in January, but classes only recently started due to budget cuts and low attendance.  The training courses teach parents about warning signs that a child may be involved in gang activity and the legal consequences of gang-related offenses, and will eventually include victims of gang violence as guest speakers.

Suspects in Hotel Killing Could Face Death Penalty:  A husband-wife duo appeared in court today, accused of killing and dismembering a man in a Los Angeles hotel room.  The couple is charged with first degree murder with special circumstances, meaning they could face the death penalty if convicted.  49-year-old Herbert Tracy White's body was discovered mutilated in late November in a hotel room the two were renting.  The Los Angeles Times has this story.

Misdirected Criticism?:
  The Washington Post has this editorial on Attorney General Eric Holder's attack on a recent House vote to bar federal funds to move any detainee from Guantanamo to the US for any purpose, including trial.  The editorial begins: "We have some sympathy for Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. as he rails against Congress's latest proposed limits on moving detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - but not much.  The House is irresponsibly filling a vacuum created because the Obama administration failed to lead."

 Death Row Inmate Back in Prison:  A former Ohio death row inmate is back behind bars, reports John Futty of The Columbus Dispatch.  Thomas Anderson was sentenced to death at the age of 17 for murdering a Columbus police officer during a robbery, but was released in 1988 after the Ohio Supreme Court reduced his sentence to life.  His most recent crime, one count of robbery for punching a women who confronted him after he stole a purse from her car, is his seventh felony charge since his early release.

"An Eye for an Eye"... Literally:  FoxNews reports an Iranian man who blinded his lover's husband by throwing poison into his eyes has been sentenced to a punishment to match his crime:  having acid poured in his eyes.  The sentence has been upheld by Iran's highest court and the prosecutor on the case indicated that officials, "have asked for forensic specialists to oversee the blinding of the convict."

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