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News Scan

Death Sentence Sought for 21-Year-Old Accused Murderer:  The Ventura County District Attorney announced yesterday he will seek the death penalty in the case against Joshua Graham Packer, accused of stabbing to death a husband and pregnant wife at their beach house last year.  Packer was linked to the killings through a crime scene DNA sample.  He is charged with three counts of first-degree murder (including one for the unborn child, who was six-months-old), and several robbery and burglary charges.  Raul Hernandez of the Ventura County Star has this story.

California Teen Charged as Adult in Brutal Home Invasion:  Catherine Browen of The Reporter (CA) reports 14-year-old Alexander Cervantes was charged as an adult with a total of 15 felonies, including attempted murder, torture, and numerous sex offenses stemming from a home invasion over the weekend.  Early Sunday morning, Cervantes broke into a Vacaville home and raped a 13-year-old girl after stabbing her more than 30 times.  Cervantes also stabbed the girl's 18-month-old brother, who awoke during the attack.  Cervantes is the minimum eligible age in California to be prosecuted as an adult, but prosecutors say he is unfit for juvenile court.

Sixth Circuit: Warrant Required to Search Emails:  The Sixth Circuit yesterday defined the scope of Fourth Amendment protection for emails, ruling a search warrant is required before the government can obtain email messages from an internet service provider (ISP).  While investigating Steven Warshak for fraud, the feds subpoenaed his emails from an ISP without a warrant.  The court determined this was a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.  "Warshak plainly manifested an expectation that his emails would be shielded from outside scrutiny," and given the inherently private nature of email communication, his expectation was reasonable.  Read the AP's story here.

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