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Haze Shrouds Michigan Pot Law:   Two years after its enactment, communities, courts, the public and the police remain confused about what is legal under the state's medical marijuana law.  AP writers Tim Martin & Mike Householder report that, because the law is largely silent on how the drug can be grown and distributed, local governments are adopting their own ordinances to limit or regulate the new businesses popping up to grow and sell pot.  "There is absolutely no connection to medicine and what's going on with medical marijuana right now," said Oakland Country Sheriff Mike Bouchard.  Last Summer narcotics agents from Brouchard's department raided two pot dispensaries which sold the drug to deputies who presented phony ID cards.  The ACLU has filed lawsuits against several Michigan cities which it claims have policies effectively banning marijuana use.  The state currently has 45,000 licensed medical marijuana patients and even boasts the Med Grow Cannabis College in suburban Detroit.  The article notes that fourteen other states have medical pot laws and several are having similar problems. 

DNA Solves Another Cold Case:  Every month or two a story about a criminal exonerated by DNA makes national headlines but, except for the most notorious crimes, the hundreds of instances where DNA evidence leads police to the criminal usually end up buried in the "crime beat" section.  Nineteen years ago, 28-year-old Julie Bucalo was found strangled to death in a remote cottage in San Jose.  While habitual criminal Ralph Baldenegro was considered a suspect at the time, there was little evidence tying him to the murder and he denied having any contact with the victim.  This week, Santa Clara prosecutors charged Baldenegro with the murder after the crime lab identified his DNA under the victim's fingernails and on clothing torn from her body during the assault.  Baldenegro is currently serving a 94-year-prison term for raping a 14-year-old girl, beating and tying up his ex-girlfriend, and kidnapping their 6-year-old son.  More details are available in this story from the San Jose Mercury News.   

Bad Skiing Etiquette in Colorado:  Georgia skier Scott Fuller has been permanently banned from Vail Resorts and faces charges of child abuse for attacking a 14-year-old girl who knocked down his son on the slopes of Beaver Creek Mountain in Colorado.  Sarah Mausolf of Vail Daily reports that Fuller's 4-year-old son was bumped by the girl who had swerved to miss another skier. After both youngsters fell, Fuller jumped on the girl and slugged her in the face.  She was later treated at a medical clinic for her injuries. 

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I understand that Michigan law breaks new ground in establishing a "Cannabis College".

Another black hole for federal student loans?

I can imagine what the repayment rate will be for these "graduates".

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