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Saunders: Parker Clueless on Cooper

SF Chrontrarian Debra Saunders takes on CNN's Kathleen Parker, who apparently has been swallowing uncritically everything Kevin Cooper's advocates feed her:

Kathleen Parker actually said, "When you look at the facts in this case, nearly everything points toward Cooper's innocence."

Really? DNA tests placed Cooper at the Ryen home and in the Ryen's car, even though Cooper testified that he had never been in either. Before DNA testing, a jury found Cooper guilty based largely on physical evidence that tied him to the crime. The California Supreme Court upheld the conviction, and a majority of the uber-liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Cooper's bogus grounds for appeal -- because nearly everything pointed toward his innocence? Can Parker really believe that?

As I've noted before, the whackier and more convoluted Cooper's tall tale becomes, the more gullible professionals flock to his corner. Part II of the Cooper phenom: The further away journalists are from Chino Hills, the easier it is for them to ignore mountains of evidence.

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