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Scarface v. US

Here is yet another entry from the Cases You Have to Look Up Just for the Name File: Julius Omar Robinson, aka Face, aka Scar, aka Scarface, Petitioner v. United States, U.S. Supreme Court No. 10-8146.  As noted here before, I think it is bad form to list aliases in the official name of the case, yet attorneys for both sides do it.

Anyhow, Scarface is a very bad dude who has murdered multiple people and committed other acts of violence.  He was quite justly sentenced to death.  On collateral review, he claimed his attorney was ineffective for not introducing mitigating evidence that pales in comparison with his multiple acts of violence.  The Fifth Circuit denied him a certificate of appealability.  The Ninth Circuit would have wrung its hands over the same case for another decade.

I don't have the petition, but from the Fifth's opinion I suspect he is relying on Rompilla v. Beard.  The only good reason for the Supreme Court to take this case would be to overrule that misguided precedent.

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