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This Week at the Supreme Court

This is an argument week at the US Supreme Court, but the docket is light on criminal law.  The only criminal case on the oral argument calendar is a minor federal sentencing matter, Pepper v. United States.  On Wednesday, a controversial case from Arizona on state regulation of immigration matters, Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting, involves preemption issues that may impact criminal cases.

Today, the Court will announce the orders list from Friday's conference, listing cases the Court will take up or turn down.  Opinions may be announced this week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday.  This early in the term, decisions are usually on the less controversial cases.

Update:  The orders list is here.  The Court took up two civil cases.  Lyle Denniston covers them at SCOTUSblog.  Justice Sotomayor, joined by Justice Ginsburg, dissents from denial of certiorari in an Arkansas habeas case, Williams v. Hobbs, No. 09-10382.  John Elwood notes the relists at VC, including Ryan v. Schad and Allen v. Lawhorn.

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