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Note to would-be gang members:  If you decide to throw away the opportunities you have for a law-abiding life, join a gang, and participate in stabbing someone to death just because you weren't allowed into a party to which you were not invited, just be sure your father is the speaker of the state assembly.

On his way out the door, the Governator commuted the manslaughter sentence of Esteban Nunez, who just by the wildest of coincidences happens to be the son of former Speaker Fabian Nunez.

This 2008 LAT article by Tony Perry and Patrick McGreevy describes Nunez's membership in The Hazard Crew and the circumstances of the killing of Luis Dos Santos near San Diego State University.

Ryan Lillis reports in the SacBee, "Dos Santos' family was outraged by the governor's action. 'This is wrong, that's why they did it on the last day, so they wouldn't have to answer to anybody,' said Fred Santos, the victim's father."

Dana Littlefield and Karen Kucher report in the San Diego Union-Tribune:

San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said her office was not consulted before fellow Republican Schwarzenegger announced his decision to reduce the prison sentence from 16 years to seven years.
"We were shocked to hear of the Governor's last-minute commutation, which greatly diminishes justice for victim Luis Santos and re-victimizes his family and friends," Dumanis, a former Superior Court judge, said in a statement.
Nunez had already received leniency by being allowed to plead to manslaughter when the crime was straight-up murder.  Failure to consult the prosecutor and get the other side of the story in a case such as this is inexcusable.

The San Jose Mercury-News has this editorial calling for an end to end-of-term pardons.  In 2003, I wrote a constitutional amendment that would have done just that.  It was killed in committee.

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