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Investigate This

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I have been covering, episodically, the Justice Department's handling of the New Black Panther case.  Readers will recall that the case involves two members of the New Black Panther Party, both wearing mufti, and one menacingly holding a billy club, acting as  --  and I use this term advisedly  --  "poll watchers" outside a Philadelphia polling station.  A potential criminal case of voter intimidation was dropped like a hot rock by the Department's Civil Rights Division under Eric Holder's watch, even though the New Black Panther Party had already lost (by default judgment) a related civil case brought by the prior administration.

Despite stonewalling by the Department, the Civil Rights Commission undertook a study of whether, in fact, Holder's DOJ has adopted a policy of refusing to pursue complaints by whites against minority defendants (in other words, to use blunt language, a policy of anti-white bigotry).

Last week the Commission issued its report.  It is not happy reading.  Commissioner Todd Gaziano summarized it this way:

After a year of DOJ's intransigence and baseless refusals to comply with our subpoenas, two Department attorneys bravely defied orders to testify before the Commission: the former Civil Rights Division Voting Section chief, Christopher Coates, and a lead trial attorney in the NBPP case, J. Christian Adams. Their testimony and the sworn affidavits from former DOJ staff portray a pervasive culture of hostility to race-neutral enforcement of civil rights laws in the Civil Rights Division. The detailed allegations include: a former section chief who doctored a memo to try to prevent a meritorious case from being filed against black defendants, racially offensive statements by several supervisors and staff, and repeated instances of harassment and intimidation directed against anyone willing to work on lawsuits against minority defendants.

The whole sorry, and alarming, story is covered here by my friend John Hinderaker of Powerline. 

The only hope is that new Chairmen Lamar Smith of the House Judiciary Committee, and Darrell Issa of Government Oversight, will take up a full investigation.  If anti-white racism permeates the Civil Rights Division  --  of all things  --  we need to know.  


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Could it be that the Attorney General who castigated the American public for its' reticence to discuss race is leading a defiantly mum department on the issue of race-neutral enforcement of civil rights laws.

Has there been a more deceitful, double-dealing, hypocritical AG than Holder?

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