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News Scan

Pharmaceutical Companies Won't Sell Injection Drug to Kentucky:  Documents obtained by the Associated Press show that two pharmaceutical companies will not sell sodium thiopental to Kentucky for the state's executions.  One company claimed its refusal was because a medical doctor was not involved in the process, even though Kentucky law prohibits doctor participation during executions.  These emails are the first public records of companies refusing to sell the drug to a state for this purpose.  Brett Barrouquere of the AP has this story

Video of Toddler with Pot Pipe Lands Parents in Jail:  Beatriz Valenzeula of the Victorville Daily Press (CA) reports a San Bernardino County couple is behind bars after a video surfaced of their 23-month-old child puffing on a marijuana pipe.  Police arrested mother Melanie Soliz, 20, over the weekend, and father Blake Hightower, 24, later turned himself in.  Both admit to possessing medical marijuana cards, but could not explain why they would give their baby the pipe and videotape it.

Op-Ed on Chancellor Birgeneau's Statement:  Dan Walters of The Sacramento Bee has this response to UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau's statements on the Loughner case (prior post here).  "It was not the first time that Birgeneau had offered up a laughably illogical observation on current events.  A few years earlier, he had claimed that protesters against the construction of a new sports training center were motivated by 'racism against our underrepresented minority student athletes.' . . . Birgeneau is a physicist by academic training, someone schooled in rigorous scientific research.  Without a scintilla of proof, however, he ascribes racist motives to an entire state and even to demonstrators against a campus project."

The Deliberation Part Might Be Tough For Him:  Fox25 Boston reports Sal Esposito - a cat from East Boston - was summoned for jury duty after his owners listed him as a "pet" on the recent Census.  "Sal's owners tried to have him disqualified due to his inability to speak or understand English, but were denied.  Unless the matter is resolved, [owner] Anna Esposito said she will take the feline to court to perform his civic duty on March 23."

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