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News Scan

Arizona Judges Recuse Themselves from Loughner Case:  The AP reports all federal judges in Arizona have recused themselves in the case against Jared Loughner.  U.S. District Judge Roslyn Silver issued an order today that the death of fellow Judge John Roll called into question the judges' impartiality.  Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski will appoint a presiding judge from outside the state.

Insanity Defense in Loughner Case?:  Benjamin Weiser of The New York Times has this piece on the Loughner case, opining the defense team for the 22-year-old "may find it difficult to mount a successful insanity defense," though "his only chance might be to invoke such a defense."  One death penalty lawyer who has worked with Loughner's assigned attorney Judy Clarke in previous cases anticipates Clarke will dig far back into Loughner's life to "find this man's story," and may use any mental health problems to mitigate against a death sentence, should the possibility of one arise.  As of now, neither the feds nor Arizona has indicated whether it will seek the death penalty upon a conviction.    

Los Angeles Police Officer Shot in Face by Parolee:  Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Mohamed Ahmed was shot last night by a California parolee, reports the Los Angeles Times.  27-year-old Ahmed and his training officer were on a routine patrol when they approached East L.A. gang member Nestor Torres, a violent criminal out on parole with prior felony convictions involving firearms.  Ahmed was shot in the face and is currently in critical, but stable, condition.  Torres was fatally shot.

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