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News Scan

Expert Witness in Trouble For Trial Exhibits:  The Sixth Circuit yesterday ruled a civil case may proceed against Ohio attorney Dean Boland.  While serving as an expert witness in a 2004 federal child pornography trial, Boland created pornographic images from morphed photos of children downloaded from the internet, in order to demonstrate the capabilities of modern computer-imaging technology.  When he was sued by the children and their guardians, Boland argued he should not be liable given his role as an expert witness.  The court rejected his argument, holding that the civil remedy provisions of the federal child porn statute includes no such exception.  Martha Neil has this story in the ABA Journal.

Louisiana Prison Overhaul:  Jan Moller of The Times-Pacyune (LA) reports that Louisiana has teamed up with a national think tank as part of an attempt to lower the state's recidivism and incarceration rates.  The overhaul comes in light of Louisiana's $1.6 billion budget shortfall.

Memorial Service for Arizona Border Patrol Officer:  A memorial service will be held tomorrow in honor of U.S. Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry, reports Derek Jordan of the Sierra Vista Herald (AZ).  Last December, Terry was shot to death while on duty northwest of Nogales by suspected border bandits.

Ghailani's Attempt to Overturn Conviction Looking Grim:  Mark Hamblett of the New York Law Journal reports on the U.S. District Court Judge Lewis A. Kaplan's skeptical response this morning, when convicted terrorist Ahmed Ghailani attempted to set aside his conviction.  Ghailani's defense team had argued the conviction could not stand because the jury had acquitted him of other related counts, but Judge Kaplan quickly interrupted, stating "I don't understand your argument at all."  The judge is expected to issue a ruling tomorrow or Monday.  Update: As predicted, the judge denied the motion.  Opinion is here.

"Ninth Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt Feels High Court's Wrath":  Nathan Koppel at WSJ Law Blog has this post on the two Supreme Court opinions issued yesterday, both reversing Judge Reinhardt's decisions to overturn murder convictions.

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