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News Scan

Ruling on Ghailani Conviction:  Benjamin Weiser of the New York Times reports that Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani's conviction of conspiracy to destroy government buildings and property will be upheld.  A federal Judge in Manhattan rejected arguments from Ghailani's defense team seeking an acquittal or a new trial. Federal prosecutors will seek a life sentence for the convicted Terrorist on Tuesday.

Massachusetts Suspends Release of Parolees:  The Boston Globe reports that Massachusetts has suspended the release of all inmates who had previously been granted parole, while the governor is in the process of creating a new parole board.   In a statement released by the state's undersecretary of public safety John Grossman states "that there is a now a transition period to create leadership and ensure public safety". The suspension comes in response to the fatal shooting of Officer John Maguire during a department store robbery, allegedly by parolee Domenic Cinelli.  Cinelli had been granted early release while serving three life sentences. 

Immigration Bill Introduced in Colorado Senate:  Tim Hoover of the Denver Post reports on an immigration bill introduced in the Colorado Senate, which would allow police to arrest illegal immigrants who are facing deportation, have been issued a detaining order by federal immigration authorities, or have been indicted/convicted of aggravated felonies.  Under current Colorado law, police are required to report to ICE all arrestees suspected of being illegal immigrants.  Another bill is expected to be introduced in the future that would allow illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition rates to attend public colleges if they have graduated from a Colorado high school.

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