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25-Year-Old Murderer Celebrates His 67th Arrest

That's right, 67.  Meghann M. Cuniff of the Spokesman-Review (WA) reports:

A Spokane man who avoided prison as a teenager for his role in a murder because a judge believed he could be rehabilitated marked his 67th arrest in the past five years over the weekend.

Nicholas Adam Limpert, now 25, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a first-degree burglary charge. If convicted, it would be his 10th felony since 2007.

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Limpert's criminal history began at age 15 with the November 2000 robbery and murder of a disabled janitor in northwest Spokane. The decision to allow him to be charged as a juvenile angered the victim's family, who said they doubted he could be rehabilitated.

Now news of a dizzying post-detention arrest record has the judge who sentenced him wondering the same thing.

"He probably should have been tried as an adult," said Neal Rielly, who retired last fall after 15 years as a Spokane County Superior Court judge. "If I ruled the other way, it was a mistake."

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