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News Scan (Our 1000th!)

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Leader of Child Sex Ring in Thailand Sentenced to 25 Years:  CNN reports a federal judge in New Jersey sentenced 64-year-old John Wrenshall to 25 years in prison for running a child sex ring at his Thailand home.  Wrenshall pleaded guilty to conspiring to participate in sex tourism and to produce and distribute child pornography.  Court authorities said that since 2000, Wrenshall arranged illicit trips for Americans and others who paid him to engage in sexual acts with Thai boys, some as young as four.  Wrenshall also "trained" the boys for his clients and permitted customers to videotape and photograph their abuse.

Police Dropped Abuse Case Weeks Before Mom Allegedly Shot and Killed Kids:  Police ended their investigation into a Florida mother's child abuse weeks before the woman admitted killing her teenage children because they were "mouthy."  Julie K. Schenecker, 50, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the killings of 13-year-old Beau Powers Schenecker and her 16-year-old Calyx Powers Schenecker.  Police ended their investigation due to Calyx's lack of visible wounds, despite the fact that both the mother and daughter admitted the beatings.  Last Thursday, officers found Schenecker at her home covered in blood.  Both children were dead from gunshot wounds.  Schenecker confessed to a murder-suicide plan, but has yet to enter a plea pending a psychiatric evaluation.  CNN has this story.

Several Los Angeles Gang Units Temporarily Dismantled:  Joel Rubin and Scott Gold of the Los Angeles Times report the LAPD has temporarily dismantled anti-gang units in several of its high-crime neighborhoods, after officers refused to comply with a new controversial policy requiring them to periodically disclose their assets and debts.  The officers have been sent back to patrol duties, but there are concerns that the officers' absence from the neighborhoods will set back anti-gang efforts in the city. 

Ex-Marine Murder Defendant Urinates in Courtroom:   Sarah Burge of the Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) reports 23-year-old Kesaun Sykes ("Psycho"), one of four ex-Marines facing trial in Riverside County for the deaths of a Marine sergeant and his wife, will undergo a mental exam after urinating and flinging drops of urine during a court hearing on Friday.  The judge suspended the proceedings and ordered a psychiatric evaluation of Psycho.

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