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News Scan

After 14th Conviction, Man Sentenced to 15 Years:  Scott Daugherty of The Capital (Annapolis, MD) reports a Maryland judge imposed a 15 year prison term (seven years suspended) on Donald Eugene Farris, who has racked up 13 convictions over the last 18 years.  Despite his lengthy record, Ferris never served more than 9 months in jail at a time, usually pleading guilty and receiving sentences of time served and probation.  His latest conviction, stemming from the armed robbery of an Annapolis gas station, finally took the 27-year-old off the streets for a while because, as sentencing Judge MIchelle D. Jaklitsch stated, "You can't  sugarcoat an armed robbery, and you can't sugarcoat your record."

Judge Rejects Insanity Defense in Maine Murder Case:  David Sharp of the Associated Press reports that Chad Gurney, 29, was convicted of murder and arson after a judge rejected his insanity defense.  Prosecutors alleged Gurney strangled his girlfriend Zoe Sarnacki, 18, cut off her head, and set her body on fire.  Defense lawyers claimed Gurney has had mental health problems since a 2005 car accident, but prosecutors insisted Gurney was seeking revenge after finding out that his girlfriend had an affair.

Ex-convict Suspected of Shooting at Oakland Police Officers:  Harry Harris and Sean Maher of The Oakland Tribune report that Benny Ray Martin Jr., released from Nevada Prison two weeks ago after serving 5 years for a weapons conviction, is suspected of shooting at two Oakland Police officers.  His accomplice Anthony Perry, on parole for a weapons conviction, was arrested for trying to drive Martin away from the scene.  Martin, a suspected member of the Bushrod gang, was arrested shortly following the shooting after police officers tracing his escape route discovered the semi-automatic pistol allegedly used and ammunition in a nearby backyard.

1972 Cold Case Goes to Trial:  Ben Dobbin of the Associated Press reports that Willie James Kimble, 78, will be tried next month for the 1972 killing of a Georgia woman.  Kimble has previous convictions for the attempted rape of a 6-year-old in 1973 and the rape a 17-year-old-girl in 1981.  Police Investigator C.J. Dominic reopened the case after receiving an anonymous call.  Ironically Dominic's father, a police officer, questioned Kimble as a potential suspect in 1973 while investigating the murder.  A semen-stained blanket found in evidence storage provided a DNA match to Kimble.  If Kimble is convicted, this case would be one of the nation's oldest cold case murders solved by DNA evidence.  

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