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Georgia Death Row Inmate's "Expiration" Claim Tossed:  U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Batten yesterday denied a request for a stay of execution by Georgia death row inmate Roy Willard Blankenship, reports Carla Caldwell of the Atlanta Business Chronicle.  Blankenship sought to have his execution held off pending an investigation into expiration date of the state's supply of sodium thiopental.  The state's attorneys argued the supply will not expire until 2014.  Blankenship was scheduled for execution last week, but was delayed for further DNA testing.

"GTG" Text Messages Compels Killer to Enter Guilty Plea:
  CNN reports 21-year-old Steven Pieper's shorthand text message "GTG" [i.e. "got to go"], which he sent from his ex-girlfriend Jenni-Lynn Watson's phone pretending to be her, in part persuaded him to plead guilty to her murder.  After a review of the text message records of both Pieper and Watson, prosecutors concluded the shorthand lingo was characteristic of Pieper, not Watson.  This discovery blasted Piper's attempt to cover his tracks after he dumped the 20-year-old college student's body in a park in North Syracuse. 

"Lara Logan and misogyny on the left":  James Taranto has this so-titled piece in The Wall Street Journal detailing some responses to last Friday's attack and sexual assault of CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo.  CBS reports that while covering the celebrations for a "60 Minutes" episode, Logan was separated from her crew and "suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating."  Among the responses to Logan's attack, left-wing journalist Nir Rosen tweeted that "at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a major war monger," HBO's Bill Maher joked about sending conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck to former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in exchange for Logan, and a right-wing blogger allegedly used the incident as a basis for an anti-Muslim rant.  Taranto opines that "left-wing politics too often serves as an excuse for, and a spur to, the expression of misogynistic attitudes."

Suspect's Dog Helps Make Drug Bust:  While pulling over a truck earlier this month, an Oregon sheriff's deputy witnessed a sock filled with marijuana and hashish fly out the truck's window.  The suspect claimed he and his pit bull mix had been playing a game of tug-of-war.  The dog won and tossed the sock.  "Sheriff Brad Lohrey says he wished everyone traveled with their own personal drug dog."  The AP has this story.

Sloppy Citing of Biased Research:  Cully Stimson at Heritage's Foundry blog spanks the National Conference of State Legislatures for citing a Human Rights Watch report on the number of juveniles serving LWOP sentences. "If NCSL is serious about its credibility, it ought to find a better source for data on criminal justice and avoid quoting reports that have already been thoroughly discredited."

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