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News Scan

Feds Crack Down on Armenian Crime Syndicate:  Ian Lovett of The New York Times has this article on this week's arrests of 74 members and associates of the Armenian Power crime group, an international organization affiliated with drug trafficking and white-collar crime.  Starting off as an East Hollywood street gang, the Armenian Power has evolved over the last few decades into a sophisticated organization with ties to organized crime groups in Eastern Europe and Russia, as well as local Mexican gangs.  Federal officials claim the group has engaged in complex credit card and bank account schemes, costing victims a total of at least $20 million.

Colorado's "Katie's Law" Links Suspects to 40 Unsolved Crimes:  A new Colorado law requiring DNA collection from all felony arrestees has already linked suspects to 40 unsolved crimes since it went into effect in September 2010.  "Katie's Law" was named after 22-year-old Katie Sepich, who was raped, strangled and set on fire by a man released on bond.  The DNA testing is funded by a $2.50 surcharge for convicted offenders.  Kirk Mitchell of The Denver Post has this story.

Craigslist Ad Turns Woman into Sex Slave:  Kristen Hamill of CNN reports a 27-year-old Wisconsin woman allegedly became a man's sex slave after responding to a Cragslist ad.  John Hopkins agreed to let the woman stay in his New York apartment in exchange for housework, but she claims he instead repeatedly raped her for eight days, tied her with rope, and handcuffed her to a radiator.  Hopkins is facing charges of rape and unlawful imprisonment and faces up to 25 years in prison.

Sisters of Murder Suspect Offer DNA Samples:   Chrystal Gutierrez of KRQU Santa Fe reports that two sisters of suspected triple murderer Kenneth Ray Luna have offered DNA samples for testing.  Police believe Luna is responsible for the sexual assault and strangulation of three women in New Mexico in the 1980s, but Luna killed himself in a jail cell before any of his court proceedings.  His sisters are now offering their DNA samples in the hopes it will bring closure to the victims' families.

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