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News Scan

DNA Links Man to Seven Murders:  AP writer Dinesh Ramda reports that DNA evidence has resulted in the conviction and LWOP sentence of a Milwaukee man who murdered seven women between 1986 and 2007.  Habitual criminal Walter Ellis was arrested in 2009 after his name surfaced in connection with a string of unsolved murders.  His DNA matched semen samples from six of the victims and blood evidence at the scene linked him to the seventh.  Authorities believe that if a correct sample of Ellis' DNA had been taken during an earlier prison term, the last victim might have been spared.  At the time, Ellis had a fellow inmate submit a sample under his name. 

Feds Conduct Major Sweep for Drug Gangs:  Responding to last week's murder of U.S. Immigration agent Jamie Zapata by drug cartel members in Mexico, DEA and ICE are coordinating a massive sweep in the U.S. and Latin America to round up suspected  cartel members.  By Thursday over $4.5 million in cash, guns, a substantial amount of drugs had been confiscated and more than 100 placed under arrest.  "This is personal," said ICE agent Louie Garcia.  "We lost an agent, we lost a good agent, and we have to respond."   The AP story by Alicia A. Caldwell is here.

Saudi student in Texas to carry out Jihad:  A 20 year old Saudi national has been arrested by Federal agents after electronic surveillance and searches revealed evidence that he was plotting to conduct terrorist bombings.  Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari allegedly obtained a student visa to attend South Plains College, near Lubbock, in order to become a martyr.  Even Perez of the Wall Street Journal has the story

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