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News Scan

Husband-Wife Make Confession in Jaycee Lee Dugard Kidnapping:  Phillip and Nancy Garrido have made a "full confession" to the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard, reports Sam Stanton of The Sacramento Bee.  Nancy admitted to taking the then-child off an El Dorado County street in 1991, years later delivering two children Jaycee bore with Phillip.  Nancy's attorney claims the couple confessed in the hopes that Nancy would receive less than a life sentence, but that the district attorney is currently offering her a deal for a sentence of 241 years to life.  The offer to Phillip is more than 400 years to life.

Man Accused in 2006 Fatal Stabbing Faces Death Penalty:  Chelsi Zash of WFMY News (NC) reports trial began today in the case against Tony Savalis Summers, a registered sex offender accused of stabbing to death Lavell Williams in 2006.  Prosecutors claim Summers broke into the home of Williams and attacked her and her two daughters, ages 11 and 16.  Summers will face a death sentence if convicted.

Midshipmen Detail Synthetic Marijuana Use at Naval Academy:  Daniel de Vise of the Washington Post has this story on the use of synthetic marijuana at the U.S. Naval Academy.  Commonly referred to as "spice," the mood-altering substance is illegal in at least 12 states and the U.S. military, but is undetectable in urine tests.  As a result, according to some midshipmen, it has become the school's drug of choice, with remote corners of the historic Annapolis campus serving as well-known smoking locations.  An investigation beginning last October has already led to the "separation" of at least eight midshipmen and several more are expected.

Two Arrested in Connection to a Dozen Chicago Murders:  Jeremy Gorner and Tara Malone of the Chicago Tribune report charges were filed today against two members of a drug crew linked to more than a dozen slayings in Chicago.  Officials believe Augustin Toscano and Raul Segura-Rodriguez were part of a crew that set up large-scale drug deals to rob and kill potential buyers.  The men were arrested over the weekend after a confrontation with police that left one officer shot and another suspect killed. 

"Murderabilia":  Chris Kenning of the Courier-Journal (KY) reports victims and victims' advocates are outraged over the sale of artwork, letters, and a prison I.D. from Michael Carneal, a Kentucky inmate serving a life sentence for a 1997 shooting spree that left three high school students dead and five injured.  The availability of internet markets has allowed the growth of "murderabilia," the sale of prison paraphernalia from convicted serial killers and murderers.  These sales do not fall within "Son of Sam" laws, which prevent criminals from making money from books and movies detailing their crimes.   

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