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Abolish the Bus Tours!


NBC News is carrying a very unfortunate story, which begins thusly:

Several passengers who survived a horrific bus crash that killed 14 people told police the bus driver was driving erratically down I-95 shortly before the accident, sources told NBC News.

One official said investigators were looking into whether the driver fell asleep behind the wheel -- or was somehow not paying attention.

The bus had just reached the outskirts of New York City on a journey from the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut when the crash happened. The driver, who was injured, told police he lost control trying to avoid a swerving tractor-trailer.

Under abolitionist theory, it's time to ban bus tours (indeed, Gov. Quinn should immediately sign a bill doing so).  Bus tours are licensed by state governments and use publicly funded highways.  Such explicit government approval and facilitation is given knowing in advance that crashes are possible (indeed that they have happened many times), and that innocents will be killed.  Futhermore, there is not and never will be a way to establish infallibly safe bus tours.  Finally, bus tours have never been known to provide "closure." 

Indeed.  Of course abolishing bus tours would be nonsense, and no serious person supports doing it.  This is because, notwithstanding the prospect  --  indeed, the certainty  --  that they will kill innocent people, they produce enough by way of enjoyment that they're worth the candle.

Any lessons here?  The death penalty produces something a good deal more important than enjoyment, that being the only justice that befits particularly gruesome crimes.  And it has killed many fewer innocent people than bus tours.  (Indeed, it has killed zero innocent people in the modern era, so far as any neutral source has shown).

If we're going to keep bus tours, a fortiori we should keep the death penalty.  Just don't try arguing this to an abolitionist, analysis being no match for certitude. 


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