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Bryant Coverage

Yesterday's US Supreme Court decision in Michigan v. Bryant is covered by Todd Spangler in the Detroit Free Press, Adam Liptak in the NYT, Robert Barnes in the WaPo,  Ashby Jones at WSJ Law Blog, and Warren Richey in the Christian Science Monitor.

The NYT story has an error that involves one of my pet peeves.
"For all I know," Justice Scalia concluded, "Bryant has received his just desserts. But he surely has not received them pursuant to the procedures that our Constitution requires. And what has been taken away from him has been taken away from all of us."
No, Justice Scalia did not write "just desserts." He wrote "just deserts."  This is about retribution, not parfait, and Nino knows the difference.

I used that term in a newspaper op-ed once, and an editor changed it from the right spelling to the wrong one.  I had steam blowing out my ears for three days.

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