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"Future of the Supreme Court"

C-SPAN has this video of a February conversation/debate between ideological rivals Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of UC Irvine School of Law, and John Eastman, former Dean of Chapman School of Law.  Topics discussed include California's three-strikes law, originalism, and the appointments of Justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan.  Chemerinsky and Eastman did come to an agreement on a few points, including a more objective approach to the recusal of Justices on the Supreme Court, but generally remained on opposite sides of the fence.

A few of their predictions for anticipated Supreme Court cases:

Eastman - 5-4 that federal health care mandate is unconstitutional, with Justice Kennedy as the deciding vote.
Chemerinksy - Vote to uphold federal health care mandate, with Justice Scalia joining the majority in light of his vote in the last Supreme Court Commerce Clause case, Gonzales v. Raich

Same-Sex Marriages
Eastman - 5-4 upholding ban on same-sex marriages.
Chemerinsky - 5-4 striking down ban.

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