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Life Imitates Woody Allen

Frank Heinz reports for AP:

A Dallas bank robber who abided by a teller's request to provide two forms of identification before she could give him money is going to prison.
A federal judge Tuesday sentenced 49-year-old Nathan Wayne Pugh of Sachse to more than eight years.

Prosecutors said last July Pugh walked into the Wells Fargo Bank on the 4300 block of Lemmon Avenue while carring a bag from a fast-food restaurant. 
According to an affidavit, Pugh walked up to a teller and said he wished to make a withdrawal. When she asked how much, he placed the bag on the counter along with a poorly written note that said:

"Look if you don't want to die then you should do as this note says This is not a bag of food This is a bom, so just put money in an envelope and do not make any move till after I have left for ten mintis"
The stoic teller stalled and told Pugh that he needed two forms of ID before she could hand over his withdrawal. Pugh showed her his Wells Fargo debit card, then a Texas state ID card with his name.

When Pugh turned to leave the bank, he noticed two Dallas police officers at the entrance. He quickly tried to take a woman holding a child hostage, but fell to the floor as the woman struggled. He was quickly taken into custody by Dallas' finest.

Pugh, who pleaded guilty in October to the bank robbery count, was on parole for two aggravated robberies at the time of the Wells Fargo robbery. His sentence of 102 months will run consecutive to the 25-year terms he must serve for the previous robberies.

Compare this clip from Take the Money and Run (1969).

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